Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shanghai Expo 2010 –Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein be participated  in a world exposition Shanghai EXPO 2010 under the title “Better city, better life” for the first time since Hanover 2000, has as one of the smallest of the 227 participating countries chosen the subtheme “Dialogue and Respect” for its contribution

Dialogue is also the theme of the “EXPO 2010 Shanghai China” stamp issue which Leone Ming has designed. This souvenir sheet presents firstly an “Atmospheric View of Vaduz” (face value CHF 1.60) painted by Johann Jakob Schmidt (1804–1844) and dating from 1833, and secondly the picture “Tidal bore on the Qiantang river” (face value CHF 1.90) by the Chinese painter and poet Xu Gu (1824–1896), which was painted at about the same time.

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