Thursday, October 25, 2012

Philakorea 2009 - 24th Asian International Stamp Exhibition

The PHILAKOREA 2009 24th Asian International Stamp Exhibition  held from July 30 to August 4, 2009 at the Indian Hall, COEX (Convention and Exhibition Center), Seoul. PHILAKOREA 2009 marks the first hosting of the Asian international stamp exhibition by Korea. This Exhibition have been  participated by about 30 countries under the theme of "Humans, Nature, and Stamps," and presenting not only stamp-related programs . PHILAKOREA 2009 was designed to serve as a festival for all family members to enjoy and explore Asia's stamp culture.
The stamps issued to commemorate PHILAKOREA 2009  feature several Yeongmohwa (a type of drawing that depicts birds and animals - notable paintings that are representative of Korea's 19th century paintings), such as :  Ssangchido , Hochido, Jurodo and Yuapdo. Along with these commemorative stamps, 4 miniature sheets and a commemorative postcard that shows the emblem and mascot are also issued.
Jang Seung-Eop Ssangchido that portrays a cock-peasant and a pheasant hen and Hochido that shows eagles (both kept in Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art).
Hong Se-Seop's Jurodo that displays the sacred ibis and Yuapdo that shows swimming ducks (both kept in the National Museum of Korea).

Yuapdo, arguably the most impressive one of them, is a wonderfully fresh and limpid painting, remarkable for the masterly control of transition of light and shade. The choice of depicting a pair of ducks floating in a wavy river from the bird’s eye view is also original. The waves created on the surface of water, as the ducks skims across it are rendered very naturally in light ink.

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