Sunday, November 6, 2011

Norfolk Island attend at the Beijing Expo 2010


Max Stem will be attending the international Stamp & Coin Expo In Beijing from 7th to 10th November and will be representing Norfolk Island.The Bureau took the initiative and overprinted our Fungi Souvenir Sheet in gold foil with the Expo logo.

The 15c stamp is the Gyrodon sp. – This irregular shaped, brown in colour fungi, can be found in very damp conditions at the base of trees or decaying wood on the forest floor.

The 55c stamp is the Stereum Ostrea – This is a white rot fungus found on decaying wood.

The $1.40 stamp is the Cymatoderma elegans – This is found on old tree trunks and known locally as the Bowl fungus, which is a creamy fluted fungus which, when dried and lacquered, makes an unusual bowl.

The $2.05 is the Chlorophyllum molybdites – This variety of fungi can be found on the forest floor, in fields, lawns or even along the roadside.

When Norfolk Island receives heavy rainfall over an extended period of time, generally in the month of February, the growth of fungi can be seen in animal manure, in the fields and at the base of the trees in the forest. The colours vary from white, brown, yellow, orange, red or a variation of all .

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