Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ferdynand Square in Lviv, 1840
To  celebrate 750 years to Lviv, UkraineUkrainian Post  and  Osterreich Post AG of Austria have cooperation to issue a stamp set feature the Mickiewicz Square , primarily  named Ferdynand Square on December 1, 2006. The issue stamp shown fine painting art of Ferdynand square  by T. Chyshkovskyi .

The Mickiewicz Square  is one of the main squares in the city of Lviv, Ukraine.The square laying between Lviv's old town and the southern part of midtown, was planned and created in the first half of 19th century, after the demolition of the old town's defensive walls in the late 18th century. Primarily, from 1843 it was known as Ferdinand Squarein honour of the Austrian governor of Galicia, Ferdinand Habsburg-d'Este. Lviv prior to World War II was inhabited mostly by Poles and Jews, and belonged to pre-war Poland.
In 1862 it was renamed St Mary's Square when a monument dedicated to her was erected in the area. Today it bears the name of Polish-Lithuanian poet Adam Mickiewicz, whose monument was placed in the central part of the square in 1904.In 1939, the Soviet Union in the course of the Invasion of Poland annexed the city.
As the new occupant administration perceived St Mary to be a rather inappropriate patron for a square in the center of a Soviet city, the square underwent peculiar "secularization" and was renamed Mickiewicz Square

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