Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hunting Dogs - Joint issue Kazakhstan & Estonia

Kazpost  and  Estonian  Post  have  collaborated  to  issue  a  set  of  two stamps  feature the hunting dogs of their  countries  on October 19, 2005.  Hunting dogs , Estonian  Beagle  depicted  on  Estonia stamp  and  Kazakh  Tazy,  depicted on Estonian stamp.
Estonian Beagle

The Estonian Beagle or Estonian Hound  is a scent hound-like breed which is the only dog breed developed in Estonia.The Estonian Beagle is a dog of medium size and a strong muscular body, bone structure and muscles that are well developed. It has no folds in its skin and drop ears. The coat is short and rough and should be shiny.The Estonian Beagle’s height is 17–21 inches and it weighs 33–44 pounds. The Estonian Beagle is happy and pleasant dog with a balanced, calm and active temperament and a high intelligence.
Kazakh Tazy

Kazakh Tazy is a hunting greyhounds used to be the main wealth of Kazakhs. Since the second half of the last century their number began decreasing. Today there are not more than 300 of real tazy, like “300 spartans”. Kazakh Tazy is a purely Kazakh breed that has been bred all over the country for many years. Tazy are neat dogs – when they eat no drop is spilled. Nomads respected them so much to let them in their houses. The dogs are not fastidious in eating. An adult dog needs 0,5 kg of meat daily. Bread and water aren’t enough.The dogs need comfort, warmth and cleanness, so special devices control the temperature in their place. Kazakh Tazy usually hunt foxes.  These dogs can run at speed 80km/h.

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